Jul 24, 2014

Floral Crop Top Outfit

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The past few days were hot and humid so I had about zero desire to wear make up and pretty much gave up on my hair which turns into a fluff ball in seconds. Curly hair problems.

So top knots and mascara have been my friends. Not complaining actually it's been nice!

Also since my days are filled with studying and work I've been living in shorts and loose tops. I have however been trying to actually dress up i.e. not stay in my pjs, even if I'm just studying at home. I find that this keeps me more alert and focused. I guess my brain just registers that with "ready for the day".

This also makes the fashion blogger in me very happy ;)

Here is the outfit I wore yesterday. I love this top, I think it's one of the cutest I own and as a bonus it is also the softest one I own. It's a crop top so I wore it with these high rise Zara shorts.
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Outfit Details
Crop Top: Ardene|
Shorts: Zara| Last Seen Here
Sandals: Forever 21| Old| Last Seen Here
Bag: Coach| Last Seen Here

Let me know what you think in the comments!
Have a gorgeous day.


  1. wow, you look stunning

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  2. Great outfit…love those shorts!


  3. I found you on pinterest. I love fashion and the sandals are a nice touch.


  4. Haha, I totally understand the comfort of living in loose tees and shorts. And likewise, mascaras and messy buns are kinda my best friends now too! Great outfit, love!

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