Jul 29, 2012

Work Out Motivation 9.0

Hello beauties,

 I was drinking my morning coffee and I looked out the window, saw a girl running and looking happy while doing so, which got me thinking about the Olympics, which then inspired me to want to do this post...um yes...welcome to my strange mind. That is generally how my brain works most of the time. It can get tiring.
 I am so sad that I do not get to watch the Olympics because of the studying I have to do but all this Olympics hype is getting me more pumped to study harder! I don't know about you guys but athletes are truly inspirational to me, the amount of dedication and hard work they put into making their dreams come true is amazing.

 So here is to being motivated and getting fit ;)


YOU have to overcome it! 

Get out there and sweat! 

Love this one! It is so true! been living by this for a couple of years now ;) 

All of these are true and great reasons to work out!

Scary truth, huh? 


Anything counts!! even walking your dog ;) 

This is a major deal breaker! Have water by your side all the time! 

That's right! wipe that sweat off and keep going! 

(Images and their sources can be found on my Pinterest

I hope this inspired you to get active this weekend/week. I know it did for me!

Jul 25, 2012

Booty Bash 2012!

Hello my beautiful friends,

It's been a while! I am still studying for my exam, it will be done on August 23rd and I will get back to regular blogging after that :)
I just wanted to do this post because it is an important cause and I should have done it earlier but I just have not had the chance between school and my exam. Alright onto the post.
A while ago my friend Abigail asked on twitter if anyone would like to use their online influence for a good cause, and I of course said yes! I'm all about that!
So when I got her email I knew I had to write about this cause, because this is the main reason I went into health care. Cancer.
I hate cancer with every fiber of my being and in my field, Nuclear Medicine, I deal with it every day. I've also lost some people in my life to it and have known close friends who have lost their loved ones to it as well.
What I'm here to talk about to you today is BOOTY BASH! This event is organized by the Don McQuaig foundation, which was created in memory of Don who lost his life at an early age to colorectal cancer. You can go HERE and read the details of the story of how and why this foundation was created.
 In 2012, an estimated 23,300 Canadians will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer and 9,200 will die of it. Overall, colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of death from cancer in men and women combined. If detected early, this vicious disease is 90% curable.
 When I read this I just felt sick, and I knew I had to do my part to get the word out there. I would really just like to draw your attention to the last part of that, if detected early it is 90% curable. The problem is not many know to get checked and unfortunately get diagnosed at a late stage.

So to raise awareness I would like to invite you to Booty Bash 2012.  

This is the 6th year for Booty Bash and tickets for this event, I am told, sell very fast! Right now the tickets are on sale for an early booty special price of $50. That is all it takes ladies and gentlemen, then you get to shake your booty and help the amazing people of the Don McQuaig foundation to raise aware about this horrible illness. The details for the event can be found here.
I myself unfortunately cannot attend because of my exam but I ask you to please please attend and if you cannot, get the word out there!
It really doesn't take much for each of you to help :)

Booty Bash 2012
Where: The Storys Building
When: August 10, 2012

Jul 16, 2012

Outfit Of the Day: Bridal Shower!

Hello beauties,

No it wasn't my bridal shower haha. Yesterday my mom and I went to a friend's bridal shower and we were told to wear white or light pink. The theme of the party was Sex and the City and it was very nicely done. We were served Chinese food for dinner and super cute cupcakes and cosmos for drinks! I chose to wear a white dress, I love white dresses in the summer time! but I couldn't really find a dress in stores that wasn't too expensive and one that I loved. So my amazing mom made this dress for me :) I am in love with the lace detailing <3

Dress: Custom made by my mom| Shoes: Guess

Have a wonderful day :)

Jul 13, 2012

Outfit Of the Day: By the Harbour ♥

Hello beauties,

Yesterday The Boy and I went to Harbour Front here in Toronto and walked along the water then had dinner and drinks at one of the Pubs there. The view was incredible and after a horrible day it was just such a perfect way to spend the afternoon before hitting the books again. Evenings like yesterday just make me feel incredible, so I was happy I had a chance to indulge.

T-Shirt: Forever21| Skirt: H&M| Sandals: Zara| Sunnies: Ray ban Wayfarer| Bag: Winners

Happiness :) 

Hope you all have wonderful weekends full of happiness and sunshine!

Jul 10, 2012

Product Review: Gabriel Color Mascara

Hello lovelies,

Today I have a little review for you ladies. About two weeks ago I was having a horrible week and dealing with many things so my lovely boyfriend took me to a natural food market here in Toronto called The Big Carrot. They also have a section where they sell natural beauty and skin care items which is what The Boy treated me to :) I was so surprised and happy to see they had all the brands I've always wanted to try but hesitated due to shipping charges online. A few brands that I saw where Pangea Organics, 100% Pure, Dr. Hauschka and so much more! I didn't have the time to look through everything though. Alright back to the review. 

I've been looking for an organic mascara that is volumizing and won't transfer underneath my eyes after an hour of wear. I do understand that no natural mascara will last as long as non-natural ones since they do not use the plastics and waxes that will ensure lasting power. I've been using Physicans Formula Organic Wear mascara for a year now and while it gives a gorgeous effect, it lasts for about 2 hours, not good.
While I was in Big Carrot I told a girl that worked there what I wanted and she directed me to Gabriel Color mascara. They had two options black and brown and I opted for the black one.

The formula for this mascara is thick and wet in the tube. Once you put it on, it dries in about 30 seconds and stays put for more than 8 hours. I LOVE it! My main concern with mascaras is always how volumizing they are and how long the last. This certainly is volumizing and also lengthening and it does not clump. I have naturally long lashes but this adds even more length.  This is also the only mascara I am able to wear on my bottom lashes, as it doesn't smudge or make them stick out straight!

After one coat of Gabriel Color mascara. I did not curl my lashes before applying the mascara.
The black smudges you see are from my eyeliner not the mascara ;) 
I also apologize about the dark circles and the big bags, I've been studying and not getting enough sleep, bad I know. 
The price for this mascara is $21.49, which is definitely on the pricier side for me but it is very much worth the price! 
 This mascara is perfect for an everyday look and you can also build it up for a more dramatic night time look but it won't be super dramatic so you might want to look at other brands for that. I also love that the ingredients are all natural here is the ingredient list if you want to have a look :)  I will be repurchasing this mascara and I'm going to have a look at other items from this brand too. 

Ps. I am not affiliated with any of brands mentioned. 

Hope you have a wonderful day :)

Jul 8, 2012

Work Out Motivation 8.0

Hello beauties,

Today I have another work out motivation post. I just did a few work outs so I got inspired to do one of these.
Here we go!

Your choice. 

Fact: I sing this song to myself when the work out gets really tough. haha.

True that! 

This gets your heart pumping and your thighs burning!

Keep pushing!

Always, in every situation. 

Love these work out tops! and check out those arms! 

All images and sources can be found on my Pinterest

Well here they are! hope they help! I often take a photo from these posts and make it my laptop background. Every morning when I turn on my laptop to check my emails I see it, such a great way of motivating myself :)

Have a wonderful week

Jul 4, 2012

Outfit of The Day: Work Out Edition!

Hello beauties,

As I have pretty much just been studying all day lately I haven't had any exciting outfits to show you. Yesterday I got dressed to go for a walk and warm up for a work out I thought I would take photos of my outfit to share! I love seeing other people's work out outfits as well haha I guess that's what happens when you love fashion and working out!
Work out clothes are also so much fun to shop for, in my opinion.

Sports Bra: Champion| Top: Forever21| Shorts: Walmart| Shoes: Asics| Hairband: lululemon

No make up face! 

Working out makes me hyper and super happy ;) 

As I am a student on a budget I cannot regularly shop at my ultimate favourite store (lululemon) for work out gear. Forever21 is the place I find my super fun, super bright clothes. The top I'm wearing in these photos, I bought in Miami and now I'm regretting I didn't buy it in the other 2 colours as well. It's extremely light weight and keeps moisture (aka sweat) away from my body! 
One thing I'm happy to have discovered this year, also in Miami, is the lululemon headband, the grip on these is amazing! It doesn't move at all during my work outs so I highly recommend these. 

Where do you buy your work out gear?

Have a wonderful day :)

Jul 2, 2012

New Obsession: Mulberry Fall/Winter 2012

Hello lovelies,

I stumbled upon this and thought I would share it with you. I love fairytales and I love Mulberry so it's really no wonder that I'm obsessed with this campaign!

Amazing or what? I love the little monsters! 
You can see the full campaign HERE

What do you think?