Mar 29, 2012

Bikini Inspiration ♥

If you follow me on twitter you already know this but I am going to Miami in about a month with The Boy and I am so excited! I have never been somewhere warm and sunny for vacation so I have really not had the need to have a selection of swim suits but this is now the perfect excuse for me to do some shopping!
I was browsing the Victoria's Secret website and although their swim wear is a bit on the expensive side I thought I would share the ones that I love from there. This is also a bit of an inspiration post for me as well for when I go shopping :)

As you can tell I love colourful bikinis! I do think a white and a black set however are kind of a staple to have though. Once I do buy mine I will share them here :) 
Which ones are your favourite?

Mar 24, 2012

Work Out Motivation 3.0

So for the past few days I've been away from blogging and such because I've been fighting off a case of stomach flu. Too much information? I'm sorry! but that is why I haven't been posting here or twitter.
I did however use this time to catch up with 90210 and I must say I am not a fan of this new girl Vanessa. She annoys me so much I cannot stand her and her acting is terrible.
Anyways another thing I haven't been able to do is my regular daily exercise which I shall be back to starting Monday! I am getting very restless at home and it's driving my parents crazy haha. So here is a little workout motivation post for myself and anyone else who finds them useful :)

work out motivation


stay healthy

work out

This is a fun mini workout video for those of you who like a little bit of dance ;)

And since I am a Hunger Games fan ( read the books in a week) and it is the Hunger Games weekend, I couldn't resist adding this too! 
work out, hunger games
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Have a wonderful weekend :)

Mar 19, 2012

My LuLu*s picks ♥

Hello beauties,
Hope you're all having a great Monday so far. I was browsing LuLu*s today and I thought why not share my favourites while I'm at it, since my post on favourites from In Love with Fashion had a great response. I also think some of these would be great for Coachella as well, I know it's almost time for it :)

1. Bamboo Bloom 64 Blue Zigzag Print Bow Sandals
2. Tulle Trellis More Coral Pink Dress
3. Lace to the Finish Coral Lace Romper
4. Love Triangle Print Mini Skirt 
5. Diamond in the Ruffle Green Dress
6. Put a Bird On It Cream Print Dress
7. National Monu-Mints Sheer Mint Green Top
8. C'mon Get Happy One Shoulder Chartreuse Dress

How adorable are those names? yes the names are definitely a factor in my love for LuLu*s. Honestly they have so many more pretty little items I love that I may just have to do another one of these in the near future. Looking at these has got me all excited for spring and summer specially since we've been having some really nice weather lately :)

Let me know which one is your favourite? 

Mar 16, 2012

'Tis the season for flats!

Yes another outfit with the leather jacket haha I've been wearing it pretty much everyday. I'm a bit obsessed and the weather just calls for it. This is the outfit I wore to work a couple of days ago and my work place is a bit more casual so I am lucky that way :)

Top: Dynamine| Jeans: Zara| Flats: H&M| Jacket: Danier Leather
I had to go on an emergency shoe shopping trip the other day, because I realized I had no spring or summer shoes! I had done a cleaning during winter and ended up throwing out all my flats as they had all fallen apart as in they had ripped in multiple places. So when I found these leather ones in H&M I had to get them. The price was very decent as well and they're still available :)

L-R: local shop| Lauren Elan| Hello Berry 

I am in love with these colourful bracelets. The Lauren Elan and Hello Berry ones are so special to me as they are handmade by some fabulous ladies in Toronto!! It does not get any better than this :) I am a big believer in supporting local businesses. 

Mar 13, 2012

Leather Jacket!

Hello beauties,
Spring is here! yay! I just got back from an amazing run in the sun, although it was a bit windy so now I have a ringing sound in my ear but it was definitely worth it. Today was the first day with warm weather and sun, so I could finally bring out my leather jacket that my amazing parents gifted me with on my birthday :)

Shirt: Urban Behaviour (old)| Long Tank: H&M| Leggings: Zara| Shoes: Converse Classic| Jacket: Danier Leather| Earrings: Foxy (via Peacock Parade)

Sunshine makes me this happy haha! 

And here's a random candid photo of me when I went out clubbing saturday night. I just find it so funny that I'm sitting there all calm since I know how crazy it was around me lol. By this time I had danced myself to death! 

Currently Listening to 

Have a wonderful day :)

Mar 12, 2012

Creativity ♥

I love TED talks. I find those who give these talks very interesting and I just really love the idea of these talks. If you have never checked them out, you really should, I highly recommend them. Well earlier I was watching TED talks related to health care and such and then I stumbled up on this one. Since I think all of us bloggers use up a large dose of creativity to create our blogs, I thought I would share this talk, which is about Creativity by the author of Eat, Pray, Love ( Elizabeth Gilbert). She is a great speaker and whether you liked her book or not I would definitely recommend watching this talk, it's great :)
ps. I loved her book :)