Jul 29, 2012

Work Out Motivation 9.0

Hello beauties,

 I was drinking my morning coffee and I looked out the window, saw a girl running and looking happy while doing so, which got me thinking about the Olympics, which then inspired me to want to do this post...um yes...welcome to my strange mind. That is generally how my brain works most of the time. It can get tiring.
 I am so sad that I do not get to watch the Olympics because of the studying I have to do but all this Olympics hype is getting me more pumped to study harder! I don't know about you guys but athletes are truly inspirational to me, the amount of dedication and hard work they put into making their dreams come true is amazing.

 So here is to being motivated and getting fit ;)


YOU have to overcome it! 

Get out there and sweat! 

Love this one! It is so true! been living by this for a couple of years now ;) 

All of these are true and great reasons to work out!

Scary truth, huh? 


Anything counts!! even walking your dog ;) 

This is a major deal breaker! Have water by your side all the time! 

That's right! wipe that sweat off and keep going! 

(Images and their sources can be found on my Pinterest

I hope this inspired you to get active this weekend/week. I know it did for me!


  1. Great post!! I actually think about these when it comes time to work out!! Good luck studying girl, you can do etttt! xx

    1. oh yay! I'm so glad :)
      and thank you darling you are the sweetest!

  2. I love this post and some of these pictures are great, especially 'Strong is the new Skinny!' we use this saying in cheer all the time. I am also loving the Olympics at the moment, its fabulous. I hope all goes to plan with your studying xx


    1. I'm glad you liked it :) and that phrase is really so empowering I love it!
      thank you :)

  3. YOU HAVE nooooo clue how much I need this right now!! THANK YOU. The brain images are scary! ai-yi-yi~

    1. haha you're veeeery welcome lady!
      and that is my bad I should have specified that those are images of legs not brain! ooooppss sorry!

  4. I needed to see these. Great inspirational quotes!


  5. Love the images! I hardly drink any water - I don't like the taste of it but if I did I can only imagine how great my skin would be! X


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