Jul 10, 2012

Product Review: Gabriel Color Mascara

Hello lovelies,

Today I have a little review for you ladies. About two weeks ago I was having a horrible week and dealing with many things so my lovely boyfriend took me to a natural food market here in Toronto called The Big Carrot. They also have a section where they sell natural beauty and skin care items which is what The Boy treated me to :) I was so surprised and happy to see they had all the brands I've always wanted to try but hesitated due to shipping charges online. A few brands that I saw where Pangea Organics, 100% Pure, Dr. Hauschka and so much more! I didn't have the time to look through everything though. Alright back to the review. 

I've been looking for an organic mascara that is volumizing and won't transfer underneath my eyes after an hour of wear. I do understand that no natural mascara will last as long as non-natural ones since they do not use the plastics and waxes that will ensure lasting power. I've been using Physicans Formula Organic Wear mascara for a year now and while it gives a gorgeous effect, it lasts for about 2 hours, not good.
While I was in Big Carrot I told a girl that worked there what I wanted and she directed me to Gabriel Color mascara. They had two options black and brown and I opted for the black one.

The formula for this mascara is thick and wet in the tube. Once you put it on, it dries in about 30 seconds and stays put for more than 8 hours. I LOVE it! My main concern with mascaras is always how volumizing they are and how long the last. This certainly is volumizing and also lengthening and it does not clump. I have naturally long lashes but this adds even more length.  This is also the only mascara I am able to wear on my bottom lashes, as it doesn't smudge or make them stick out straight!

After one coat of Gabriel Color mascara. I did not curl my lashes before applying the mascara.
The black smudges you see are from my eyeliner not the mascara ;) 
I also apologize about the dark circles and the big bags, I've been studying and not getting enough sleep, bad I know. 
The price for this mascara is $21.49, which is definitely on the pricier side for me but it is very much worth the price! 
 This mascara is perfect for an everyday look and you can also build it up for a more dramatic night time look but it won't be super dramatic so you might want to look at other brands for that. I also love that the ingredients are all natural here is the ingredient list if you want to have a look :)  I will be repurchasing this mascara and I'm going to have a look at other items from this brand too. 

Ps. I am not affiliated with any of brands mentioned. 

Hope you have a wonderful day :)


  1. Great post !

    Your lashes look amazing !
    Good review seems like a really good product :)

    Just stopped by your blog!
    Loved it instantly so I have no choice but to follow you around!!

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time



    1. Thank you! and yes I love this product :)
      and thank you for visiting I will definitely have a look at yours :)

  2. Wow, you have the longest eye lashes!
    I've actually never heard of Gabriel products!

    Chelle x

    1. they're organic and cruelty free! so great and this mascara is just so great!

  3. I'm super jealous of your lashes! x

    1. aww haha thanks lovely!
      you are far too beautiful to be jealous :)

  4. omg love your lashes the mascara really work wonders, so beautiful xoxo

  5. great post!!


  6. When going organic, mascara might not be the first product that comes to mind to change, but this one seems worth a shot. Your lashes seem to go on for miles.


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