Mar 12, 2012

Creativity ♥

I love TED talks. I find those who give these talks very interesting and I just really love the idea of these talks. If you have never checked them out, you really should, I highly recommend them. Well earlier I was watching TED talks related to health care and such and then I stumbled up on this one. Since I think all of us bloggers use up a large dose of creativity to create our blogs, I thought I would share this talk, which is about Creativity by the author of Eat, Pray, Love ( Elizabeth Gilbert). She is a great speaker and whether you liked her book or not I would definitely recommend watching this talk, it's great :)
ps. I loved her book :)

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  1. i agree! i love them too though i hadn't listened to one in awhile. Gilbert does have a lot of interesting things to say- but gifted novelists are usually gifted intellectuals I have found. thanks for sharing Naghmeh!


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