Feb 29, 2012

Quick Chat!

Hello beauties,

Just a quick post here to let you know that I probably won't be posting until next week. I have a midterm and a huge paper due in the next few days so I will need to focus on those.
I did however want to say that I was featured on Fashion Blog Love and that is such an honour for me, to be there along with some of the most fabulous fashion bloggers! So head on over if you want to have a look. They do weakly features and I have found so many amazing blogs through them :)
I will leave you with this song that I have been obsessed with ever since my friend posted it on her face book page. Now I have to go since I don't want to be late for the gym!

Feel So Close- Calvin Harris

Hope you all have a wonderful week :)


  1. Love that song! Such a great pick-me-up for this gloomy morning, thank you!

    Alexandra xo


  2. I love that song so much, it reminds me of good times with my friends :-)

  3. love all of calvin harris schtuff ;) good luck on exams / papers! i was a perpetual student for a long time - TOTALLY worth it when you are finished!

  4. Congratulations on the feature lovely! You should keep the link, and add it to a features/press page when you get one.

    P.s. Do you have a links page? I'd love to swap links with you :-)

    The Sydney Girl

    1. thank you :) I don't have a links page but I do have a blog list on my side bar and I would very gladly add you there! I love your blog and your style :)
      and I guess I'll get a features/press page once I have some material for it! haha ;)


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