Feb 18, 2012

Birthday ♥

It's my reading week! yay! for those that don't know it's a week we get off during the term to study for midterms and catch up with any big projects we have. It means I get to sleep in and of course study haha.
Last night we had plans to surprise a friend of ours for her birthday....or so I thought! We all get to the house where the party was going to be and when we got in all our friends yelled out SURPRISE for both of us!
I was so so surprised, all this time I  was involved in the planning for the birthday thinking it was only for my friend but it was all a trick :) I have my wonderful guy to thank for it :)
I wanted to share a photo of the party and it can also double for an outfit photo haha.

Dress: LOVE
Shoes: Nine West
Princess sash and crown: c/o The Boy ;)

ps. the cake was divine! 

I had an amazing time dancing and laughing with my friends :) 

Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. Love your dress and all those cakes!!! Yum :) xxx

  2. Aww that's so sweet of him - happy (belated) birthday! The cakes look delicious indeed! I love Nine West shoes, yours are super cute. Enjoy your reading week xxx

    1. Nine West shoes are gorgeous and comfortable! which is pretty perfect.
      Thank you darling :) xx

  3. Love your dress. Hope you had a lovely birthday x

  4. what a nice surprise! happy birthday!!! :) as usual your curls look amazing!

  5. Thank you girly! I cannot wait for my hair to get a bit longer though, it's at a bit of a awkward length for curly hair haha.

  6. how fun!! isn't it so nice to have caring people do something like that for you. I love it- what a great guy you have indeed :)


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