Jan 24, 2012

Wish List of The Moment ♥

Hello lovelies,

No outfit photos today, it was one of those (for real) sweat pants day, my knee was not cooperating but onto happier things! I've been putting together a folder of things that I call my wish list, so I thought I would share them here. Lets face it, we all love looking at pretty things and my birthday is in a month so I've been looking at pretty things online that I could maybe, and that's a big maybe, treat myself to something on the list.

1. Theodora & Callum - Tie All Scarf| 2. Laren Elan Olivia Necklace| 3. Rebecca Minkoff - Made Up Makeup Case| 4. Wildfox couture Laurel Set Top| 5. The Glistening Pearl Dainty Peach Pearl Necklace| 6. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Brightening Concealer| 7. Tom Ford Pink Dusk Lip Stick

1. This Scarf is so gorgeous and it's got a hint of neon which is just perfect for the up coming seasons! 

2. That Olivia necklace is so gorgeous and she's sure to be the center of attention any where she goes ;) 

3. I've been looking for a cute make up bag for a while and as soon as I saw this I wanted it, it's so pretty and sparkly with an edgy side ( yes the makeup bag has personality) haha. 

4. If you follow me on twitter I know that I have been obsessed with Wildfox jumpers, they're so cute and very comfy I've heard. 

5. The dainty little necklace is just that, dainty and pretty and something I could wear everyday and layer it with different necklaces. 

6. Since I've started using more organic makeup it's been very hard to find a concealer that offers good coverage. I've heard very good things about products from 100% Pure so I want to give this a try but the shipping from that company scares me! 

7. And last but definitely not the least, (and very clearly a luxury item), a Tom Ford lipstick. It is very expensive for just a lipstick and I probably won't be buying one any time soon, but this is a wish list and girl can dream. right? 

Have a wonderful day tomorrow :)

PS. let me know if you like this post where I give a little blurb about the items or do you like it as I've done previously, when I just post the photos and link with no explanation :)


  1. oh love the scarf! totally gorgeous! That could even work in spring. And that Tom Ford Lipstick is nearly giving me a stroke- so cute!!!

    also- I like both kind of posts :)

  2. What a great list. Love that little sequin make-up bag, and what a sweet pearl necklace. Love all your choices.


  3. Yay for switching over to organic makeup! I absolutely love 100% Pure's powder foundation, but I personally wouldn't repurchase their concealer :( I find that it doesn't last very long, and it's difficult to find a color match with their limited selection. I'm still on a hunt for a good, natural concealer too...

    Cute blog! (:


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