Jan 18, 2012

Outfit of the day: Bright colours on a rainy day!

This winter the weather here has been a bit confused. It gets really cold one day and warm the next and today it rained. Now if the weather is going to be cold I pick snow over rain any time. I have just never liked rain, unless I am inside all cozy and don't have to leave the house. So as much as I wanted to wear my new boots today I had to wear my rain boots and I'm glad I did because it was muddy and gross out.
I also like to add some colour to my outfits on rainy days just to make myself happy :)

Top: H&M| Cardigan: JCrew| Scarf: Tommy Hilfiger| Leggings: Zara| Boots: DKNY| Ring: nilli

This cardigan has to actually be one of my most favourite recent purchases, I love the colour and the fit and it is really soft! 
P.S. rain boots are the best investment and I recommend them to anyone that lives in Canada haha! 

Do you usually dress in darker colours on gloomy days or try something brighter?
Have a wonderful day :)


  1. oh very cute. The pink adds just enough pop for the cold weather!!! And I love those boots.

    1. thanks! the boots are quickly becoming my everyday boots! haha I will probably wear them to death until my next pair!

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