Jan 16, 2012

Golden Globes 2012: Best Dressed

As you all know the 69th Golden Globes happened last night! I don't really watch these award shows to see who wins because to me these days everyone seems to be winning an Oscar or a Globe for not the right reasons but anyway that is a whole other story.
I usually watch these award shows for the "Fashion Show" that happens at the red carpet arrival haha. I love seeing all the gorgeous dresses and jewelry so I thought I would share my favourites of this year with you!

Angelina Jolie looked amazing in her simple Atelier Versace dress. The cut and colour just fit her perfectly.

Charlize Theron was just glowing in her Dior gown. Her slight tan made the colour perfect and the detailing on the dress is just so pretty. 

Emma Stone looked stunning in her Lanvin dress. I just love her in general, she's got such a cool and carefree attitude. Everything about this dress, the colour, the material, the cut and that belt just look amazing on her. 

Jessica Alba looked so pretty in her dress, she seemed to be glowing. Her Gucci dress has a vintage feel to it and I think that is because of the embellishments. And I don't know if this is the same with anyone else but her dress does not look like a Gucci dress at all! 

Rooney Mara keeps her usual edgy and cool look in this cut out dress by Nina Ricci. Another surprise as to whom the designer is. This dress does not look like the usual Nina Ricci designs but no matter, I love it!

Sofia Vergara was simply gorgeous in her Vera Wang dress. The cut of the dress fit her body type perfectly and she kept her hair simple, which went great with the busy detailing at the bottom of her dress. 

well here are my favourites! let me know some of yours! 
Have an amazing day :)


  1. Jessica Alba's dress looks like my prom dress...but mine was red lol I think she's so gorgeous. I really love Emma Stone's dress :) I never got to see the red carpet, or the show, but the red carpet is always my favourite part too.

    1. haha and wow that must have been one gorgeous prom dress! she really is gorgeous and Emma Stone is just my fave! been loving her since I watched Easy A

  2. great pictures, I think they all look great though (funny because of above), I was going to say that Jessica Alba's looks like a pretty prom dress to me rather than what someone her age should wear to these events, but that's just me.

    I though Rooney Mara looked STUNNING, I loved that look. And Helen Mirren looked AMAZZZZING.

    I wasn't a big fan of Julie Bowen's look.

  3. lol that's so funny you were thinking the same thing someone else said! yes Rooney Mara looked gorgeous but I could definitely tell she was nervous! and Helen Mirren is just amazing, I have no other words for her. yes Julie Bowen's dress was kind of the same colour as her skin which is a big no no!


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