Jan 14, 2012

Coachella 2012 Outfit Ideas

There was a lot of excitement on the interent about the one and only Coachella music festival this week. I unfortunately will not be going, and the line up is pretty amazing this year. Oh well, one day!
Even though I won't be going I still thought I would have some fun putting together some outfit ideas. It is still a long time from now (April) but I really wanted to do this haha.
I did a bit of research into where the festival will be held so that I could pick out weather appropriate items. Turns out it will be in Indio, California which pretty much has desert like conditions, HOT!
So for me appropriate clothing for this kind of climate will be loose fitting and flowy. I also added one top with sleeves for cooler nights and also I have been in love with that top for a while now and couldn't resist :)

1. LOVE maroon chiffon cross bust asymmetrical maxi| 2. Wildfox Couture Kiss a Groupie Festival Fringe Tee| 3. Threadsence Past in Present Lace Back Tank| 4. Free People Maharani Bubble Sleeve Dress| 5. Abercrombie&Fitch Benni Jean Shorts| 6.Wildfox Couture Red Sparkle Heart Baggy Beach Jumper| 7. Free People Picture Slip Show| 8. Planet blue Keepsake Stay Lucky Dress| 9.Pour La Victoire Macbeth| 10. Pour La Victoire Lavena| 11. Fleur De Force Turquoise & Gold wrap bracelet| 12. Stell & Dot Rhea Bangles and Renegade Cluster Bracelet       

Of course you can't forget sunscreen, a hat and sun glasses!!
hope you enjoy this post and if you've actually ever been to Coachella let me know if these items are appropriate or what you wore? :)


  1. i would sell a relative to go to coachella. seriously. i'm in london and it's such awkward timing (and expensive to boot). sweet blog, following you (ps - iranian?). x

  2. LOL your comment just killed me! But yes for me to go to coachella it would cost alot and also I have school and can't miss any of it! and thank you very much :) and yes I am Iranian! are you as well or just recognize the name?

  3. i'm in school too and coachella falls a month before all my exams/deadlines! but one year i'll go, it's on my to-do list. & yes to both. i found your blog through your twitter & followed you on there (@BBWNN)! x


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