Apr 28, 2011

Chanel LOVE

Hello lovelies,
So a few days ago I was just catching up with all my favourite blogs and I came across videos about my favourite brand of all time on this cool blog. I wanted to share these videos here on my blog with you guys. Remember how I talked about my obsession with Chanel here, well can you blame me? These videos have only just reinforced my obsession ♥. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do...every time I watch them lol...yes as in more than once :)

This one is of the details of the Spring/Summer 2011 collection

This one is the Spring/Summer 2011 Haute Couture show.

These videos are both so so amazing and gorgeous I just can't get enough.
Hope you all have a Fabulous Friday!

Can't get enough

Hello lovelies,
So I finished my exams today and that means I'm done school for the summer! yay! Well my break doesn't really start until July because on Monday I'll be starting my clinical training which I'm super excited and nervous for.
This weekend I will be doing some major shopping for spring and summer. I've been good and held off on the shopping front so that I could get some good stuff. This summer I'm planning on wearing a lot more dresses and rompers and such so here are some pictures I'll be using as inspiration.
First to continue my obsession with Pixie Lott, I love her style!

As I was looking for pictures of her online I realized that her style is basically what I've been planning for this summer! so I thought I would show you these as well.

So then I went on some of my favourite websites and picked the items that were similar to things I want to buy.

These are all from forever21... of course! lol I love these, as you can tell I'm really into florals and patterns and bright happy colours. My closet looks like a pack of crayons exploded in it, ever since I was little I remember my mom wouldn't let me buy black clothes because she always said that too much black in my closet would affect my mood. I kind of agree as I love opening my closet and seeing all the colour in it in the mornings when I'm getting ready but as I've become older I appreciate the staple back items in my closet. I love black dresses (what girl doesn't really) and I think every girl needs a pair of tailored black pants.

Both these rompers are from Charlotte Russe. Aren't these so cute! I love them and I'm definitely going to buy a few rompers this summer. 

These two are from J Crew. How gorgeous is that romper. It's silky so with a pair of heels you can dress that up for going out in the summer. I really want to try a maxi dress this summer, I've always stayed away from them as I am rather short, I barely make 5' 2 lol yup. But I saw a few shorter girls rocking this style so I though I would at least try one.

I'm also on the hunt for a great light coloured jean jacket like the one miss Kourtney Kardashian is rocking here. ps. I love her style and I would happily raid her closet. 
let me know if you know of a store that I could find one at, because so far I haven't really found one that I love.
Once I actually get my shopping done maybe I'll do a little styling post as I love styling and putting together outfits!

And I'm currently listening to:

I hope you all have a lovely thursday :)

Apr 25, 2011

If ya don't believe you don't succeed And if ya don't apply you won't achieve

Hello lovelies,
How was everyone's Monday? mine was a bit stressful and rather tiring but that's ok because one day I'll look back and be happy that I worked so hard :) And what they say is true, no pain no gain! I truly do believe that the best things in life are those that you've had to work hard for because in the end it is so much more satisfying. I love to put myself in challenging situations, whether it is at work, at university or just life in general because that is when I learn the most. At the time it seems as if I'll never get to the end and sometimes I really feel like giving up and just calling it a day, but then I stop and think about all the reasons why I should keep going, take a deep breath, have some chocolate and get right back to it :)
And you know what? don't ever let anyone tell you that you should stop and that it is impossible to achieve what you want, because if your goal is reasonable to you (you and only you know your limits) and you really very badly want it, you will get there. I t might not be a straight path and it might take a longer time than others, but that is ok. The key is to remember that every one is different and we each go at our own pace but you just got to keep going.
I had a very hard time in my initial 4 years of undergrad and I even had to take an extra year to figure out my life, but if you had told me then that I would be working in a research lab and going to school for the degree that I am in now, I would have laughed in your face. I would not have thought that this would be possible for me but I just kept myself to work harder and keep going and I am so very glad that I did!
It is important to have one big goal, this is THE goal in your life I'm talking about. After that just give yourself little goals that will lead the path to your ultimate goal, this will make everything a bit less overwhelming, at least that is what worked for me in the end.
Oh and don't forget to live your life and ENJOY it! you only live once!

And here's a couple of pictures of what I wore today. I just had to go for an exam and then the library to study. I know the pictures are crappy but as I mentioned my camera was stolen (sharp pain in my heart every time I say that ) :( so for now my phone and my macbook are my best friends lol

Top: forever21
Scarf: Danier Leather
Jeans: forever21
Boots: Steve Madden
Necklace: Tiffany&Co.

Hope you all have a beautiful tuesday with one of these on your faces

Apr 24, 2011


Hello lovelies,
Just taking a quick break from studying so I thought I would just leave you with these quotes, which have been proven to me over and over again in life. A little bit of kindness really does go a long way.

Have a lovely Monday :) 

Uh Oh Uh Oh!

Hello lovelies,
So when I woke up this morning or should I say yesterday morning as I am writing this at 1 am lol, it was gloomy and windy and rainy and just down right depressing. Later in the day though the sun came out and the temperature went up to 19 degrees ( in celsius) and it was just so gorgeous out. Needless to say the streets got so busy in about half an hour since we, as in people in Toronto, haven't seen a nice day like this in a long time, so we just keep wondering, where is spring?
Any who while I really desperately wanted to be doing this

and maybe this

I was doing this

and at some point I'm pretty sure I actually looked like that but I made it a bit more tolerable by listening to this

her music has become my new obsession!
Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! and if you don't then have a great Sunday!

Apr 22, 2011

If I was a rich girl

Hello lovelies,
As I sit here in my room and study I randomly started day dreaming about all the things I would buy or do if I was rich, well making money with a full time job. As a full time student at this point I can just dream and make lists haha.

How gorgeous are these pieces of jewellery? These are hand made by Adriana McNeely right here in Toronto! you should definitely check out her boutique at http://www.adrianamcneely.com/category/all-jewellery

I absolutely love Chanel. Their clothes, shoes and bags and pretty much everything they make as they all have such classic look to them.; and this may not be happening any time soon but one day, one day this shall be mine!

(Kim Cattrall's closet!)
I will keep all of my pretty shoes and clothes and my Chanel purse (hehehe) in a gorgeous walk in closet!

I will have a wall of shoes why not? lol I love shoes and it really is a dangerous addiction!

And last but definitely not the least I want to travel the world. I had been planning on going backpacking through Europe this summer, but I decided to wait and save up to be able to enjoy the experience properly. I love traveling and when me and my brother were kids, my parents used to take us on road trips every summer. I have pretty much seen all of Iran (where I'm originally from and lived before moving to Canada) during these summer trips and I'm getting nostalgic just writing about it. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. Now back to studying for me so I can have all of these in the future ;)

Apr 21, 2011

I'm under your spell

Hello lovelies,
I wrote one of my more difficult exams this morning and it was exhausting it also didn't help that I only had 4 hours of sleep last night. So after the exam to make ourselves feel better me and a couple of my friends decided to go for a little bit of shopping as I had my 15% coupon from Sephora for beauty insiders and I've been wanting to buy an eye cream for a while now so I though I would make use of the coupon.
On our way to the mall we stopped by a discount beauty store and I bought two  Essie nail polishes. These two are actually my first Essie nail polishes, I had heard a lot about these and their amazing staying power but they are usually very expensive. Last weekend I saw them at Trade Secrets for $12 each but today at the discount store they were on sale for $6.95 each so I bought the two colours that I've been wanting for a while.

Me looking tired but happy :)

Aruba Blue

Topless and Barefoot

In the photos I have Aruba Blue on my nails and I'm in love. I've been looking for the perfect dark metallic blue for a while, yes I'm picky with nail polish colours if I don't find the exact shade I have in mind I won't buy it. Topless and barefoot is the perfect nude with a tiny bit of pink in it and it will look really good in the summer once I'm a bit darker.
At Sephora I bought the eye cream "all about eyes rich" by Clinique. As I said in my last post I have very dry skin and this also applies to my face and I always get that tight dry feeling on my face so I try to moisturize it as much as I can and I decided that I should do the same for amy eye area since the skin there is even more delicate.
It says on the box that this eye cream reduced circles and puffs and I most certainly have both of those as I have low iron and the hours I sleep aren't as many as they should be. However that is not why I got this eye cream I just needed an eye cream and I trust Clinique but if the circles and puffs are reduced then that would be a great bonus and I will keep you posted about the results :)
In the afternoon I spent some time with The Boy since he'll be spending the weekend in the woods with his buddies. It's been a long day and now I'm writing this blog as I listen to Pixie Lott's album Turn It Up Louder and relax but after this it's back to the books for me.
Hope you all have a great day or night!

Apr 19, 2011

Skin SOS: Dove and Bath & Body Works

Hello everyone,
Today I wanted to write a little rave about a couple of products that I have been using for about 2 years now and am loving. I have had eczema ever since I was a baby. Basically I have clinically dry skin and little red bumps all over my body. The red bumps have over the years just disappeared from everywhere except for my thighs and my upper arms. Not only are they ugly but they are itchy and if I scratch them or if I wear clothing with rough fabric they can get irritated and bleed.
Gross? yes, Ugly? yup.
Over the years I've tried many products and lotions and such and have finally found two products that have helped me reduce these bumps to the point that they have almost disappeared. This is actually kinda like a lil miracle to me.
The first product that actually got rid of the bumps in a course of about 6 months is the Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Scrub.

Amazingness in a bottle!

I am in no way exaggerating and once I have a proper camera again I will take a photo of my arms and show you the smoothness.
I use this product with a fluffy pink loofah and scrub in a circular motion. It is extremely gentle and very moisturizing and I use it every day and if my skin can handle that I'm pretty sure anyone's can. I am so very impressed by this product and would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a good body scrub that works and is very affordable. I purchase mine from Walmart and they are around $4-6 depending on the size.

The second product that has helped me get soft skin is the Bath and Body Works body lotion. After I get out of the shower I put this lotion on and I'm good to go. These lotions absorb into my skin very fast so I don't have to stand around waiting for it to dry so I can get dressed. They have an amazing range of scents and so far I have purchased and loved Dark Kiss, Sensual Amber and Twilight Woods.

I don't really like the formulation of their body creams that come in the toothpast tubes as they are too thick for my skin and also they make my skin sting. But their Body lotions are the only lotions I have ever tried that are scented but won't irritate my skin.
I have also found that using the body scrub everyday and then applying the lotion is much more effective than doing one or the other alone.
So there you have it, my secret weapon to getting soft skin in the harsh Canadian winters!
hope you enjoyed this and have a great night!

Apr 17, 2011

Coachella outfits

Hi everyone,
I've been reading about Coachella and seeing pictures of this event online for a couple of days now. I definitely want to be able to attend this amazing music festival one day as I absolutely love music and the sun so you put the two together for 3 days it's my kind of heaven!
Even though I am not attending the festival this year I thought it would be fun to put together outfits for it that are comfortable and will keep a girl cool in the heat of the desert. Don't judge, a girl can dream right?

These rompers and the dress are all from Planet Blue.

 The orange shorts are from Zara, the hot pink tank is from forever21 and the white top is from Planet Blue.

The Sandals are from Steve Madden and the shoes are Converse!
Let me know what you think of my outfits and what would you wear if you were to go to Coachella :)

Music keeps me going

These two ladies are keeping me company while I study anatomy...well their music is :)

Have a great Sunday 

Apr 16, 2011

Apr 15, 2011


Hello all,
I know I haven't posted in a while but here's what happened. I went out with my friends from school for the first time this year. They usually plan outings every weekend but so far I hadn't gone to any other than the occasional dinner. The friday after st. Patrick's I decided that I would go to the party our uni was hosting and then out to a club. The party itself was amazing I love to dance so that is exactly what I did for about 4 hours straight...yup...I love dancing that much!
We then moved the party to a club, but before we left we decided to drop by our lockers and get our coats. When I wanted to put my coat on I put my brand new Canon digital camera which I had gotten for christmas from my parents in my locker...I then forgot to lock my locker for the weekend. Monday morning someone had stolen my camera needles to say I was very very upset.
The walk from our uni to the club in the chilly air also made me very very sick for a long time.
So there you have it, the story of my last few weeks and why i haven't blogged in a while. Having my camera stolen also means I can no longer take pictures for my blog :(.
I'm going to have to save up money to buy a new one. Even writing about it right now makes me want to cry!
I'm studying for my final exams now, which I cannot wait to finish and then I start my clinical training for 8 weeks which I am very excited for and also a bit nervous as I will be dealing with patients for the very first time!
To cheer myself up a bit and get myself in the mood for spring I painted my nails with Revlon's Sweet Tart. It's a almost a neon pink and I love it!
I apologize for the dodgy photo lol I took it with my Macbook and I'm in my pjs while I study :)
Have a great day :)
“We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.”
Mother Teresa