Feb 27, 2011

Outfit Post and a lil ramble

Hi Everyone,
I had a crazy week at school and it left me sad and disappointed and just generally down but I'm trying to be strong and just learn from my mistakes. The one thing that I've been working on this year is taking it one day at a time after being told to do so repeatedly since I'm such a worrier. I'm really trying and I think I've succeeded a little bit. This coming week is also going to be stressful but I say BRING IT!
Alright enough of that, here is the outfit I wore on the day of my birthday which I spent studying, then going to Second Cup with the Boy for my favourite drink of all time, the dark chocolate raspberry latte. If you live in Canada please do yourself a favor and try this drink, it's amazing!

Coat: Zara
Sweater: Forever21
Belt: Forever21
Leggings: Sears (they're fleece lined!)
Scarf: Costa Blanca
Earrings: Swarovski
I paired this outfit with tall black boots from Steve Madden.

 Have a great Monday! xo

Feb 21, 2011


Hello again,
I'm so bad at this every time I do a post I forget to post the photos of my outfit. They're not of the greatest quality but they're still photos. This is what I wore when the Boy came over for dinner with the family for my birthday last night :)

Top: forever21
Leggings: TNA

haha ignore my feet i was wearing giant slippers but I took them off for the photo.
Have a good night!

It takes a long time to become young...

Hi everyone,
It's my birthday today and I'm 24! It's actually scaring me a bit, for some reason 24 seems very old to me at the moment. I'm not really doing anything today other than studying for the midterm I have tomorrow. fun right?
Last night was lovely. The Boy came over for dinner and surprised me with lovely things like tickets to the Alice in Wonderland ballet and my first Swarovski earrings. He has great taste in jewelry and the tickets made me so happy I cannot wait until June when the ballet is happening.
On another note I have recently started to fall in love with Kate Spade. I never really knew about their designs and had not really seen much of them other than the odd wallet or purse. Since nyfw was last week, all the blogs and fashion sites were filled with photos of all the shows and presentations and that is when I started to notice Kate Spade. So I decided to look into their spring line and the collection has won my heart.
Here are some of my favourite pieces from the spring2011 lookbook

Everything is so pretty and feminine and there is something about this collection that reminds me of Marie Antoinette.

I think it's the combination of pale, pastel colours with bright pinks and yellows and also the soft feminine fabrics. Anyways I am very much in love with the collection and will be looking for similar pieces that are more affordable with my budget.

Happy Monday everyone,

Feb 20, 2011

spring makes my fever right

Hi everyone,
I want to share with you some of things I would like to incorporate into my spring/summer wardrobe. It's still freezing cold in Toronto and I've been awake since 6 am studying so I needed a way to cheer me up and what better way than to look at bright coloured clothing and accessories?
Now I am not one to follow all trends just because they are THE trends. I like to wear what flatters my body shape and what I really love so if a piece of clothing I really love is also part of the trend for that season then that makes my life so much easier because I will actually be able to find said item. 

As I browsed the net for some inspiration and to see what is available I got more and more excited because it seems that bright  colours with lace and light fabrics are the main theme. Don't get me wrong I love myself an LBD as much as the next girl but my true love is a closet full of bright clothes and also soft feminine fabrics and colours. Another trend that is prominent is mixing these fabrics with leather pieces for a biker chic look. Needless to say I think I'm going to really enjoy the next two seasons fashion wise. 

(The images above are from http://www.fashionising.com/)

How gorgeous are these looks? The last one is specially my favourite because of my love for Burberry and how amazing their clothes are. I believe they make the best looking leather jackets out there. I will be on the hunt for a nice fitted leather jacket not Burberry of course as I'm just a poor little student.These ones from Danier Leather would do nicely though


I do have some nice floral and stripe clothing but I will be looking for a couple more pieces. Usually I would just go into forever21 and grab the items as they tend to be very cheap but ok quality but I've decided to save more and go for quality rather than quantity. I shall be waiting for a month or so and then hitting up my favourite store Zara!
well that's enough rambling for now!
Take care :)

Feb 19, 2011


Hello again,
I just realized I had some photos from the dinner i went to with my family so I thought I would post them. I apologize for the crappy outfit photos I'll try for better ones next time :)

Top: Forever21
Jeans: Forever21
Scarf: Danier Leather

February love

Hi everyone,
I hope everyone's February is going amazingly. I love February it's a special month in our house since my mom's , my brother's and my birthday are all in this month and one week apart! and they're on the 7th, 14th and 21st respectively. It also helps that valentine's day is in the month of February as well :).
The Boy made my valentine's day very special, he gave me roses and chocolate, you know the standard, but he then surprised me at dinner with tickets to the orchestra at tso, which is the Toronto Symphony Orchestra!
It was amazing since both of us enjoy classical music. The conductor was Andrey Boreyko and on piano was Garrick Ohlsson. It was just very magical to me and it was my first time at an orchestra but I'm hoping to make this a regular in my life since I've been considering taking piano lessons in the summer.
I don't have anything special or anything at all really, planned for my birthday. We went out for dinner as a family last weekend for all 3 of our birthdays and the food was so good. We went to one of our all time favourite restaurants called Me Va Me...mmmmm... now I'm craving food from there haha. I'll be turning 24 on Monday and I'm actually scared because to me that feels like I'll be all grown up and I'm not ready to let go of my sometimes...how do I say it...more youthful behaviour hehe.
I will be studying this weekend as I have midterms and assignments all of next week and I cannot wait for next weekend!
Take care :)