Dec 4, 2011

Perfect Red Nail Polish: Essie's Really Red ♥

Yes I have yet another nail polish post, I'm sorry but it's the dreaded exam season for me which will last for about two weeks. I have just been studying in my little corner in my room and I don't really do much else, oh except I saw Tower Heist last night and me and The Boy had such a great time and laughed so much it was great :)

For my little study breaks that I take I usually just paint my nails while having a little chat with my mom so this is the result of my last little break!

Essie: Really Red

In natural light

With Flash

I had been looking for a true red nail polish for so long but I couldn't find the perfect one. Until last Friday after finishing my last week of uni and doing well on my practicals I decided to treat myself. I went to a discount beauty store near my school and when I came across this I had to have it, it was love at first sight.

Have a wonderful Sunday :)


  1. essie makes the best reds! my favourites are red nouveau and lollipop - unfortunately they're from limited edition releases. i'll have to check their core line for a good replacement when i run out.

  2. oooo, that is a very pretty color. Perfect for this Holiday season. If I were into painting my nails... I would certainly paint them this color! :)

  3. Lollipop is my fave red from essie as well! this red looks gorgeous also.

  4. I love this nailpolish, i have it too!!!


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