Dec 30, 2011

Holiday gifts and purchases ♥

Hello everyone!!
Hope you're all having a wonderful Holiday, I know I am. This year I have had such a wonderful holiday break, full of amazing adventures with amazing friends and my wonderful family. That is really all I needed and am so grateful for it all :)
I wanted to do a quick post and share with you my favourite holiday season gifts and purchases. This is in no way meant to be showing off, I just love reading posts like this from other bloggers so I really wanted to do one as well!

Topshop hat and scarf| PINK crop pants| a little moose| JCrew bracelet| Coach purse| Echo gloves

The Topshop hat and scarf and the little stuffed moose named moosey by me (original I know) were from my wonderful boyfriend. The purse was from my family. The gloves are from a Christmas giveaway by the lovely Aleeza from Stylish and Literate. I love these gloves which are meant to be used with touch screen phones while still keeping your hands warm, and they really do work! So, Thank you Aleeza! The bracelet and the crop work out pants were bought by me during the sales :) 

let me know what your favourite gift or purchase was this season or link me to your blog post!
Have a wonderful day :)

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  1. Love that bag! It would be perfect for tonight... Happy New Year!! xx


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