Nov 29, 2011

November Favourites ♥

Hello dolls,

It's that time of the month! not that's favourites time! This month I'm actually doing this on time, rather than waiting until middle of the following month. I am super excited about my favourites this month so I'm just going to get started.
Here is the happy bunch :)

left to right: Power Clutch, Metro Chic, Material Girl

I love Essie nail polishes they always have such amazing colours. Power clutch has an amazing formula and is very easy to work with but it does chip faster than other Essie polishes I own, the colour and formula however are amazing. Metro Chic by Sephora by OPI is one of my all time favourite nail polishes and it's a gorgeous taupe. Material Girl is just a beautiful colour for this season.

Vasanti: Kenya Lipstick and Coral Sea Lipshine

I discovered Vasanti cosmetics through the lovely Aleeza from stylish and literate. I first bought Kenya, my first dark red lipstick. I am in love with it and wear it every day. This berry colour suits my complexion perfectly. I then went back for a lipgloss and fell in love with Coral Sea which is the prettiest coral lipgloss.I LOVE these Vasanti products since both these products are super moisturizing and Paraben-Free!

bareMinerals: Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara

My eyelashes are quite long so I don't normally look for any lengthening mascaras but I love the look of full lashes. This mascara adds some serious volume and does add some length too. I bought this mascara because I was looking for one that is paraben-free and lacking harsh chemicals. I really am happy with my choice :)

Here is a photo of the wand I just wanted to show how thick and full the bristles are. I don't curl my eyelashes before putting on mascara but this wand really helps with adding some curl.

Sigma Duo-Fibre F50 Brush

I'll be honest when I first used this brush I was not impressed. I had seen beauty bloggers and vloggers use this brush for applying liquid foundation. That is what I bought it for also but I really did not like the way it applied liquid foundation. I then washed it with baby shampoo for the first time and it shed like crazy. While using it after that firs wash it kept shedding on my face so I was not impressed. But after a while it stopped shedding so I think that may be normal. I now use this for applying my blush and Stereo Rose MSF and I LOVE how this applies them both on my face. It just makes my make up look so natural.

Bath and Body Works Candles: Marshmallow Fireside and Dark Chocolate Mint

I bought these two about a week ago during the buy 2 for $25 sale, which I take advantage of every year. These two candles are such gorgeous and sweet smells, perfect for this time of the year. The Marshmallow Fireside candle smells exactly as it would when roasting marshmallows on the fire <3

and yes the Dark Chocolate Mint smells like melted chocolate when it's burning and I really don't know who wouldn't like that. If you don't we can't be friends any more....haha...just kidding...a little bit.

Burt's Bees: Very Volumizing, Pomegranate and Soy Shampoo

This was the first shampoo I bought that was paraben-free. It is also sulfate and phthalate free, so all of this is pretty amazing to me. This shampoo only cleans, which is what I would look for in a shampoo. After washing my hair with this my hair feels very clean but also very dry, that is ok however since I always condition my hair after.

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

Yes this is part of my favourites again and probably will be forever. I cannot get enough of this stuff.

Origins Frothy Face Wash

This is my first ever Origins product and I can say that I have fallen in love and want to try more. This face wash claims to cleanse both dry and oily places without cancelling each other out. It also claims to discourage excess oil production. I have very dry skin but my nose tends to get very oily as the day goes on. Since I started washing my face with this I have noticed a big difference, there is very little oil on my nose at the end of the day. After washing my face with this, my face is literally squeaky clean but without any of the tight feeling and dryness.

Jacob Very Chic Perfume

I am allergic to many perfumes so I am very picky and have to try perfumes before I buy them. When I tried this perfume I knew I had to have it. It has such a deep, warm and sensual scent and I get many compliments every time I wear it. I am very bad at describing scents or figuring out notes in perfumes. The box unfortunately does not explain the scent either but I know for sure it has vanilla in it as the main scent. I would definitely recommend checking this out!

edit: I checked the Jacob website and this is the description of this perfume

Mysterious and tempting. Captivating tangerine and exotic mango are embraced by tempting blossoms and layered with deep amethyst plum and intense vanilla. The enticing sweetness of black amber and sensual woods lingers for lasting richness.

That's it for this month's favourites. Let me know about some of yours :)

Have a great day or night!

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