Aug 5, 2011

Rain, I don't mind.

Hello lovelies,

How is everyone's Friday going? I seem to have got a little cold, hopefully it will be gone soon. I don't have much planned for this weekend and it is supposed to rain. So I was a bit inspired to do a rainy day outfit.

1. Tea & Tulips The finest hour dress
2. Motel Rocks Motel Agatha Cardi
3. Le Bunny Bleu Puddle Jump Rain Boots
5. totes-isotoner Clear Bubble Umbrella
6. A Girl's Next Best Friend Shuriken Satchel

On rainy days I'm usually not motivated to want to leave the house but if I was to dress in a cute and cozy outfit like this, that would totally make me want to be up and running. 

Let me know what you think of this outfit!
Have an amazing Friday :)


  1. this outift looks AWESOME i would totally love to wear this :) get well soon! xoxo, saskia

  2. Gorgeous outfit! that dress is so cute and girly :-)

  3. that's the perfect outfit for a rainy day, the umbrella is sooooo cute<3


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  5. Beautiful dress! :))

  6. love all

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  7. Hi! Le Bunny Bleu here. Very fresh outfit! Love to wear something fun and bright like that when rainy day. Today is actually a rainy day here in New York so I feel very relevant. :)
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