Aug 27, 2011


Hello lovelies,

How is your Saturday? mine is sunny but filled with studying. Taking a little break to do this post, which I was originally going to do on Monday but I was too excited, so I had to do it today haha!

I wore this outfit to run some errands and do a bit of shopping at Yorkdale mall. I went there to check out JCrew, which opened recently, for some fall items. I loved many of their items but they were way too over priced. Tommy came to the rescue though and I ended up with two gorgeous sweaters, I will share them with you soon. For those of you in Toronto, Tommy has so many gorgeous sweaters right now and they are on sale for 30% off so it is definitely worth checking out!

I was misinformed, they told me it was nap time! lol actually this is the only photo you can see my purse properly in and it's just a funny photo of me so thought I would add it in!

My hair says hello too! lol I don't own my hair, it owns me.

When I put these pants on, I automatically become all happy and giggly, I can't help it. I debated buying them when I saw them in Zara a while back, as they are so out of my comfort zone, but I'm very glad I did!

Skinnies: Zara

Top: H&M

Sandals: Zara

Purse: Danier Leather

Sun glasses: Ray Ban folding Wayfarer

Bracelets: local hand made bangles and my bluma project bracelet.
Enjoy your day :)


  1. You look pretty. I love your hair! I have straight hair and it just falls flat!

    Heel in Mint

  2. love the pink pants!

  3. I love your jeans, I would never be able to pull off such bright colours!

  4. Gorgeous! I love your pants ♥

    p.s: check out my giveaway!

  5. Thanks lovely. Yeah I love my hair too but sometimes it gets frustrating and I want to shave it off lol. and then I wish for straight hair!

  6. Thanks lovely! anyone can pull them off! that's what I used to think to but there are so many bright colours and if you're scared of trying them go for an electric blue, it's bright but still on the darker side :)

  7. Love them too! I'm thinking I'll still be using them in the fall!

  8. i've been itching for some colored denim . . . your pair is definitely convincing me i need it!

  9. LOOOOVE THE PINK PANTS, so great and of course your hair just looks ridiculously good.

    I like JCrew too but never buy anything there, too expensive for me!


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