Aug 18, 2011

My August Luxe Box and DIY!

Hello lovelies,

How is everyone's Thursday going? any plans for Friday and the weekend? fun things I hope!
Today I have my August Luxe Box review and the little fun project I did with the box this month :)

So first let's take a look at the goodies that came in the box!

1. Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup
This is meant to be foundation, powder and concealer all in one and also has SPF 15. It also contains Vitamin E and shea butter which I find rather nice actually. Today is the second day I am trying this product so I haven't used it long enough to give a proper review but so far I like it. I do not usually use heavy coverage foundations and have been using tinted moisturizer and Bare Minerals so I like the light coverage this mineral make up gives. This is however not for those that want full coverage. 
I received the shade Blush Medium which is a tad bit dark for me but it's still ok when I use a light hand with it. I also love that I got this around the time that I started going paraben free!

2. Lip Plumping Treatment: City Lips by City Cosmetics
This product includes Oligopeptide technology to increase collagen production in your lips. It claims to increase lip volume and decrease wrinkles and lines in and around the lips. I tried this product twice and it didn't really increase my lip volume but I'm not sure if it is meant to do that over time. I also did not like how my lips felt after I put this on, they felt very dry. However it is a very shiny, clear gloss so it can be used over lipstick for extra shine. 

3. Proclaim: Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion
This is actually a very nice product. It moisturizes without making your skin feel greasy so that's always a plus, at least for me! It also smells like chocolate when you put it on and I love that about it.

4. Calvin Klein: Forbidden Euphoria Fragrance
This sample actually came in the form of a roller ball which I absolutely love and appreciate. I am very bad at explaining scents but I do know that I really like it! haha I know that doesn't help. It does smell very citrus-y and it is a very refreshing perfume. I am not the biggest fan of the original Euphoria but I really like this one. 

As a bonus Loose Button was kind to us and included a pair of the most adorable and feminine earrings, handmade by Sheyna Jewelry! You should definitely check out the website as there are some very cute, and unique pieces of jewelry. 

So thank you Loose Button! I love my August Luxe Box.

So now onto what I did with my box rather than just throwing it out since these boxes are actually very sturdy!

I made a little bulletin board for the area right above my desk! I cheated a little this time and used extra material too. I used some extra ribbon I had and some pins so I could hang little trinkets from it too. I also cut out a photo from a magazine and wrote the little motto I try to live by "Work hard and be nice to others :) "

One little tip I have for those of you that want to try something similar to this is add a piece of fabric instead of the magazine cut out, it would add a nice touch. 

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Have a gorgeous day :)

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