Aug 11, 2011

Fall picks: Accessories and Shoes

Hello lovelies,
Hope you are all doing well. I am still very sick and that is why I have been a bit MIA. I am stuck inside my no outfit photos, I'm going crazy being inside all the time and since what I have is contagious I can't be around other people either. haha just realized that sounded a bit too scary I basically have a chest and ear infection, which also showed up in my eyes (pink eye is so not attractive)!
So I decided I would do a fall shopping list, since that is what I am hoping I will get to do sometime soon. It has actually really cooled down in Toronto, which I am not really liking but can't do anything about it.
I am going to divide the list into separate posts. Shoes and accessories first and then clothes!

1. Minnetonka Pull-on Fringe Booties
2. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star White 
3. Nora Calf Hair Ballet Flats 
4. H&M Tube Scarf 
5. H&M 3-pack bracelet
6. ASOS Leather Mini Twist Lock Saddle Bag   
7. H&M Bracelet 
Some of these items I am buying for sure, like the white Converse shoes but others I am looking into buying similar items to, like the Nora ballet flats. As much as I am loving the leopard print at the moment I am not willing to pay $250 for a pair of flats at the moment! so if you know where I could find a pair for cheaper, let me know!
What are some items you are looking forward to for the Fall season?

Have a great Thursday :)


  1. Loving those fringe booties!

  2. lovely picks! I need to dig out my fringe boots. X

  3. Really loving 3 & 6! Leopard print & orange are among my fave things for fall! Also, just want to say thank you for all yours sweet tweets & comments! I really, truly appreciate your support! xo!

  4. Love that mini saddle bag! Great pics love!

    Alexandra xo

  5. j'aurais fais exactement la même sélection :)

  6. I am obsessing over the fringe booties <3 Ohh, what beauties!

    Lost in the Haze

  7. I adore all of the items - gorgeous ballet flats, I love the leopard print :)


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