Aug 8, 2011

And one of us is gonna be runnin'

Hello lovelies,
How is everyone? well, I hope. I have some sort of a cold that is driving me crazy. Anyways, last Thursday I went out with one of my besties for the day! we had sushi and then watched Monte Carlo which was a very predictable, typically girly but very cute movie :)
Samantha if you're reading this I'm going to miss you and our sushi plus hot chocolate dates so much when you leave!

Dress: a boutique in New York
Sandals: Zara

I love this dress, it's makes me feel so girly when I wear it and yes I do twirl around in it like a little girl, I can't help myself haha. 
I also really like the little detailing in the back, you can see that in the first photo!

wish you all an amazing Tuesday :)


  1. i love the dress so much too!!! But jaaayyysus, your hair is so amazing, perfect accessory. I hope you feel better!

  2. Ah gorgeous!

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  3. Your hair is amaaaazing! I love it!


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