Jul 18, 2011

NOTD, Jewelry & New Hair!

Hello lovelies,

Today I had such a rough start. It was cloudy and rainy and just bleh but then the sun came out, I consumed a large coffee and so all is good again!
Saturday, after debating for months, I finally decided to go for a hair change. And am I glad I went for it! I love it, it's such a nice change specially for the summer :)

and here it is! I got blonde highlights so overall my hair is much lighter than before. 
excuse the tired face...just got back from work!
there was a time when I hated how my hair got, how do I say it nicely, overly volumed?  but recently I've just been embracing it and people have actually recently been complementing me on it!

Here is my nail of the moment. It's nothing special this time, I was just craving a simple bright color.

I'm wearing Sweet Tart by Revlon. I absolutely love this nail polish. 

I also though I would share the jewelry I had on today.
The ring you see in the photos above is something I have been looking for, for a long time and found it at Forever21. It is a two finger ring and I love it. My co-worker asked me if that was a brass knuckle lol boys! 

This was waiting for me when I got home today :)
can't believe how fast Shopbop's delivery was. I ordered this Friday!

On my wrist I have:
 Madewell cuff bracelet 
Evil eye bracelet from Iran
Silver bracelet by Banana Republic

What do you lovelies think of the new hair? and did you make any changes to you hair style or color this summer?
And just a quick thank you to Loose Button for featuring my last post on their Facebook page! 

Have a fabulous Tuesday :)


  1. I love the hair! you look gorgeous.
    p.s your comment made me laugh out loud!

  2. gorgeous!! love love ur hair!! i always wanted big curly hair but because of my thin straight its impossible!! u look amazing!!

  3. holy crap your hair is INSANE (in a great way), you look beautiful. It reminds me so much of Carrie Bradshaw in Season 3 when her hair was sooo bomb. I love, love, love it! And the bracelets as well of course :)

  4. love the silver ring in combination with the pink polish - great color!

    kisses juli

  5. You look STUNNING! And that nailpolish is too cute!! <3


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