Jul 20, 2011

Motel Rocks will Rock you!

Hello lovelies,

How was everyone's Tuesday? Mine was alright, couldn't complain really. My day actually started with a rather exciting email from Motel Rocks. If you have not heard of them before, they are a clothing company with very cute clothes at very decent prices. 
A few days ago on twitter, they asked if anyone was interested in their look book, so I sent them my email address in order to receive one. The email this morning contained just that so I thought I would share my favourites from their new collections that they are going to be releasing. 
There are three collections: Colour Kaleidoscope, Femme Fatale and Do it like the Boys. They are also going to be adding new pieces to their older collections. Cute names!

There are more pieces in the collections but here are my favourites: 

This dress is perfect for a night out. I would however pair it up with a pair of black tights (since that is a bit too short for my taste) and it would be perfect for the Fall weather.

I absolutely love this look. This is actually what you would find me in most of Fall, big chunky knits and tights.

This look reminds me of the 70's and my mom's photos of when she was my age. I love it just for that reason and the fact that it's such a comfortable but still chic look doesn't hurt either. 

This dress is absolutely lovely and would be perfect for a date night. The lace does really add a certain je ne sais quoi to the dress ;) 

This is yet another adorable look that I would most definitely be sporting. I love loose dresses that I can wear with tights, as I spend many hours at uni, I like to be comfortable as well as look cute :)

Another going out dress, which would look perfect with a pair of killer black heels. 

Let's just take a moment and admire the fierceness of this photo...ok now please look at how amazing that skirt is.  ps. I have tights of that exact same colour and it is gorgeous in fall/winter.

Cute dress which again I would pair up with black tights or maybe grey ones. I like dresses that poof out a bit at the waist. 

I just really love all the colours in this photo. Even the model seems to be having fun in them!
What do you think of these looks? let me know some of your favourites :) 

For my lovlies from the London area, you ladies can attend Motel Rocks first ever sample sale taking place on the 29th and the 30th!
they emailed me about it but since I'm just a tad far to attend I thought I would at least let you ladies know about it, because sharing is caring ;)
Here is the link for all the details http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=165550773518666

I also wanted to share with you my hair style for a very hot and humid day!

Have a gorgeous Wednesday!


  1. Such cute looks! <3




  2. love your hair!
    this is great!
    i hope you'll come by and see my posts about my journey through spain and my first look since returning to the states!



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