Jun 29, 2011

Oh gravity is working against me

Hello lovelies,
How has everyone's week been so far? Mine has been on the sad side. My grandfather is very sick and I just really wish that I could go to Iran and visit him right now but I can't. My mom is however leaving to be with him next week and that makes me sad too I'm going to miss my mama. I wasn't really feeling up to blogging but my mom kinda pushed me to do it so that I won't be just sitting around moping.
Anyway I had some errands to run with my mom so here's what I wore. This outfit is actually something totally different for me but I find that being involved in blogging and reading other fashion blogs has pushed me to try new things and I'm loving it :)

Top: given to me by mom's friend
Tank: H&M
Shorts: forever21 jeans cut into shorts by me
Tights: Simons
Flats: Steve Madden
Purse: Nine West

What do you think of this outfit? 
Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. I like it!! My legs are too stalky to wear colored tights with shorts but this is adorable! I love it a lot! And it's amazing you can rock that look in the sun, I admire it!

  2. a great way to wear coloured tights in the summer (and it's so cold here, we still need tights!) have a great long weekend darling xo

  3. Totally in love with your bag and flats!
    Happy weekend!


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