Jun 27, 2011

love you like a love song

Hello lovebugs,

How is everyone's Monday so far? mine was nice and relaxing. Went downtown with my mama to run some errands and some gift shopping but ended up with a cute skirt for me too. I can't help it when I'm put in the middle of all the gorgeous clothes.
Recently I've been working on some fun little projects. As you all know friendship bracelets are back...yup! I used to love those and would make them all them time and then I grew up so that all stopped. When I heard they were back I got so excited but then I checked the price for some of them online and my jaw dropped, too too expensive.
So I paid a little visit to a Michaels Crafts store and bought myself the material I would need and then started on all the fun!
Here's the outfit I was wearing today and the bracelets I made too!

T-shirt: Urban planet
Tank: forever21
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Sunglasses: RayBan Folding Wayfarer
Bracelets: the middle one is American Eagle and the other two are made by me :)
Let me know what you think of the bracelets!

Have a lovely Tuesday


  1. oh how fun! I used to love to make friendship bracelets! I wonder if I still could?!

  2. beautiful outfit and photos!! love your skirt and shoes <3

  3. um, they're adorable!!!! I love them, so summery and they go SO well with your teal skirt. What perfect summer pictures.

  4. nice outfit i'd like the skirt :)

  5. Your friendships bracelets are really cute and I really want to make some of my own now! And I love that skirt btw.

  6. Hi! I like this post so much, you look really great!
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  7. the color of the skirt is really pretty! I love how you paired it with the accessories in this outfit too, you look great!

  8. I just stumbled upon your blog.
    Nice blog you have.
    I like your outfit.

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    I hope you like it and we can follow each other.

  9. Great pics. I really like your skirt. Great way to spend some money and save some time with the bracelets =) Where in Canada are you? I live in Alberta =)

  10. Your skirt is sooo cute and colour is wonderful too.
    I absolutely agree with You, they sell those bracelets too expensive,it actual price is not so huge.
    You have done realy nice job. They look pretty. I loved to make them as well. Back then I had tons of them :)
    Good luck darling with your project!

    xoxo Ra


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