Jun 8, 2011

If it's not like the movies

Hello lovelies,

How is everyone's week so far? It's wednesday so we have made it mid-week yay! To be honest I wasn't really feeling this week lol I have no idea why but I had been feeling kind of off until yesterday. The Boy and I went to see the Hang over: part II and it was HILARIOUS omg I laughed so much I'm glad that the second one didn't disappoint compared to the first one like some other movies...not gonna name any names *cough* Matrix*cough*....anywho.
Before watching the movie we went to a restaurant and sat at the patio and the sun was out and it was a nice hot day and when it came to ordering all I could remember was seeing this photo of the lovely miss Caitlin on her blog. So naturally I ordered a burger and let me tell you it was so so so good.

Just looking at it is making me hungry again!

I had time to take some photos of what I was wearing and here they are...

Top: f21 (in love with the back of this top)
Shorts: Abercrombie &fitch
Belt: H&M
Purse: Danier Leather
Shoes: Spring

And this is what my face looked like I just wanted to show you my currently favourite lipgloss from Revlon in the color Hot Pink, I'm in love with it and it's the perfect color for the summer! (it's much brighter than it looks in the photo actually)

Have a great wednesday :)

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  1. That burger looks so yummy!



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