May 1, 2011

Who run the world? Girls!

Hello lovelies,
I just wanted to show you my new love!
My new Aldo babies :) 
(and wow this picture really doesn't do them justice, they're actually a pinky nude)
Spring I'm so ready for you!
These are my first pair of wedges that I'm planning on wearing on a daily basis. I'm usually more of a flats girl but lately I've just really been into wearing heels and dresses so I'm just embracing it! I searched for so long until I found these since I refuse to wear shoes during the day that are not comfortable. Don't get me wrong when I go out at night or parties I always wear heels but they usually hurt my feet and then the next day my legs are always so sore lol. 
I had a full day of shopping yesterday and i'm so tired so today I'm planning on just relaxing a bit and cleaning my room and organizing it a since I'll be starting work tomorrow and probably won't get a chance to do much cleaning.
ps. how cute is this!
hope you all have a lovely monday :)


  1. I just stumbled across your lovely blog :)

    I love your new shoes, they are so gorgeous. It is winter where I am at the moment, so I wont get a chance wearing shoes like that for a while :P


  2. Love your new shoes - SO pretty! xx

  3. a full day of shopping!? lucky girl!! the shoes are adorable, I am loving them. Isnt' life so much better when it's sunny!

  4. Wow that is definitely a cute pair of wedges! And the picture below that is even cuter. Love your blog, follow now =) Follow my blog too! Check out my new post and let me know what you think of my blog!


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