May 25, 2011

I just came to say hello...

Hello lovelies,
I'm really sorry about the delay in posts. This past weekend was victoria day weekend here which meant a long weekend yay!
I had an amazing time. I went away to a cottage with 16 other people! SO MUCH FUN! I want to be back there now :( The weather was amazing and everything was so green and gorgeous :)
But that meant that all of last week was spent shopping for food and such after work and organizing everything for the weekend and that is why I haven't been posting but now I'm back to my regular schedule and I have some fun stuff to talk about and the first post will be about my experience with my first epilator! ouch! I know lol. That post will probably be up tomorrow or friday :)
oh and I don't know if any of you were ever Oprah fans but I used to watch her show sometimes and I watched her last show ever today and it kinda made me sad, oh well, she had an amazing 25 years! I admire her work and success if nothing else.
I'm off to bed now, even though it's only 10:30 pm here lol I'm exhausted.
ps. Thank you for everyone who has started following me and welcome :)
Hope you all have a lovely thursday :)

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