May 29, 2011

Beauty is pain: my first experience with an epilator!

Hello lovelies,
How is everyone's weekend so far? mine has been very relaxing and I've been loving it! Friday night I had dinner with one of my closest friends and spent hours eating good food and amazing chocolate cake for dessert as we caught up. Last night I went out for wings and then drinks later on with The Boy and two other couples and the wings put me into a food coma as I woke up at 11 am today lol! that is totally out of the norm for me but it felt soooo good :)
In my last post I mentioned that I had my very first experience with an epilator so that is what I wanted to tell you about today. This whole thing started when I was getting ready for my cottage trip (also mentioned in my last post). I knew the weather would be nice enough to wear shorts and possibly bathing suits but what I didn't want to have to do was shave my legs every day, which I normally have to do in the summer.
The first option I thought about was waxing but then I remembered my horrifying experience with waxing my legs 2 days before my graduation. OMG let me tell you the skin on my legs was raised and they looked like tomatoes and I am in no way exaggerating  it was actually rather scary and I had to go speak to a pharmacist to see what I could do. Anyways it took two days of icing, and slathering my legs with Aloe Vera gel and sleeping directly in front of a fan to get my legs to look semi-normal again. SO needless to say the thought of waxing quickly disappeared.
The next option was hair removal creams. I had already tried a couple of them and was left totally unsatisfied as they really didn't remove anything. They were messy and stinky and also I don't really like the idea of putting all those chemicals on my body.
So the next option was an epilator. I know I know I was just as terrified and the thought did make me cringe. I did however remember a friend raving about depilating and once you got past the first time, it would be amazing.
I discussed the idea with my mom, whose initial reaction was not that encouraging! lol. She looked at me as if I was crazy and then said "think about the PAIN" which made me laugh and doubt myself at the time. Then I just thought you know what I am going to just try it and if it's too much then I'll just return it.
The first one I purchased was Panasonic Epilator with Skin Protector System (ESWS20P), which I purchased from Best Buy and it looked like this:

looks all pretty and harmless doesn't it? It sure is pretty but not harmless, well at least not the first time around. I really wanted this one to work but sadly it wasn't meant for me. I really needed one that I would be about to use on the bikini line as well but the instructions inside the box specifically told me not to :( It has a shaver for that area and the epilator is meant for legs and arms only. I still gave it a try and I was not impressed at all as it really didn't remove much of the hair.
AFter that I went online to read more about epilators and after some research I found one from Remington I and was excited to find out that it was available at Wal-Mart. I read about many epilators that sounded amazing but none were available for purchase in Canada.  
I paid a visit to my local Wal-Mart and purchased the "smooth&silky complete epilator kit". The kit comes with two heads. One is the main one with 42 tweezers and the other is the precision head which is small and meant for small specific areas. It also comes with a storage pouch and a little brush for cleaning the heads once you are done. 

On the box it also claims that its the "world's only moisturizing comfort technology" I don't really know about that though. 
Now let me get into the details of my experience. First thing you need to know is that THIS WILL HURT. I am not going to lie and say it's not that bad. Some areas will hurt less than others, such as your shin area. The areas that will hurt a lot ( at least for me) were the ankle area and also the calf area near your knees. AND the area that will hurt the most is the bikini line. But I just sucked it up and went for it, with multiple breaks in the middle lol. It took me a total of 3 days (not continuously, are you crazy?!!) to finish both legs. I did small areas each day so that my skin would get used to it, I read this tip on various websites when I was doing my research. My skin did get irritated and red, which was to be expected but the redness went away in 24 hours. 
Now on the box in promises up to 6 weeks hair-free results but in the booklet inside it tells you that you should epilate once a week the first couple of weeks and then every 2 weeks or as needed. Two days after I finished depilating I shaved a little bit as I had missed a few hairs but after that my legs were completely hair free for a week which is so impressive for me.  
The area I was least impressed with was the bikini line, the head of the epilator is too big for the area and the smaller precision head isn't as effective so it took me longer to finish the area and I didn't have the greatest results but I have a feeling that it takes a bit of getting used to and learning how to properly use the epilator in order to get amazing results. 
Yesterday I noticed there was some hair growing back and so I took out the epilator and let me tell you this time the pain was one tenth of the first time! 
All together I was pretty impressed with this epilator and the results of depilating in general. My only complaint would be the bikini line struggle but I'm going to give it a couple of more tries and I'll let you know how that works out. 
So there you have it, my experience and opinions on epilators. If you have any questions let me know and I'll be glad to answer them to the best of my ability.
Have an amazing weekend and a great Monday!


  1. Hi Naghmeh; actually epilator didnot work for me bc of ingrown hairs after . I noticed I needed a lot of exfoliation to prevent that specially in bikini line..I am into waxing now for a couple of years I think it's just the matter of finding a good spa with a very good Statistician.hope you won't have any problem like mine :)

  2. Ouch :\ Actually epilators don't hurt me at all, no idea why! I still prefer shaving though.
    I'm glad the pain went down for you though :)!

  3. I ordered an epilator, and I'm scared !!!! But thinking about microbes that we can get at beauty salons, it's worth !!

  4. I remember the first time I used an epilator.. I almost screamed haha! You get used to it tho and saves you a fortune in waxing, etc and your skin kinda becomes desensitized to the pain. If you use one of those lotions tat slow down hair growth right after u epilate you'd achieve even better results ;) xx

  5. Isn't it annoying how much it hurts!!! Uggggghhhhhhh... you can get used to it though, I know this!

  6. Thanks for the information... specially those on online epilator

  7. congratulations
    guys, quality information you have given!!!


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