Apr 22, 2011

If I was a rich girl

Hello lovelies,
As I sit here in my room and study I randomly started day dreaming about all the things I would buy or do if I was rich, well making money with a full time job. As a full time student at this point I can just dream and make lists haha.

How gorgeous are these pieces of jewellery? These are hand made by Adriana McNeely right here in Toronto! you should definitely check out her boutique at http://www.adrianamcneely.com/category/all-jewellery

I absolutely love Chanel. Their clothes, shoes and bags and pretty much everything they make as they all have such classic look to them.; and this may not be happening any time soon but one day, one day this shall be mine!

(Kim Cattrall's closet!)
I will keep all of my pretty shoes and clothes and my Chanel purse (hehehe) in a gorgeous walk in closet!

I will have a wall of shoes why not? lol I love shoes and it really is a dangerous addiction!

And last but definitely not the least I want to travel the world. I had been planning on going backpacking through Europe this summer, but I decided to wait and save up to be able to enjoy the experience properly. I love traveling and when me and my brother were kids, my parents used to take us on road trips every summer. I have pretty much seen all of Iran (where I'm originally from and lived before moving to Canada) during these summer trips and I'm getting nostalgic just writing about it. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. Now back to studying for me so I can have all of these in the future ;)

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