Feb 19, 2011

February love

Hi everyone,
I hope everyone's February is going amazingly. I love February it's a special month in our house since my mom's , my brother's and my birthday are all in this month and one week apart! and they're on the 7th, 14th and 21st respectively. It also helps that valentine's day is in the month of February as well :).
The Boy made my valentine's day very special, he gave me roses and chocolate, you know the standard, but he then surprised me at dinner with tickets to the orchestra at tso, which is the Toronto Symphony Orchestra!
It was amazing since both of us enjoy classical music. The conductor was Andrey Boreyko and on piano was Garrick Ohlsson. It was just very magical to me and it was my first time at an orchestra but I'm hoping to make this a regular in my life since I've been considering taking piano lessons in the summer.
I don't have anything special or anything at all really, planned for my birthday. We went out for dinner as a family last weekend for all 3 of our birthdays and the food was so good. We went to one of our all time favourite restaurants called Me Va Me...mmmmm... now I'm craving food from there haha. I'll be turning 24 on Monday and I'm actually scared because to me that feels like I'll be all grown up and I'm not ready to let go of my sometimes...how do I say it...more youthful behaviour hehe.
I will be studying this weekend as I have midterms and assignments all of next week and I cannot wait for next weekend!
Take care :)

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