Apr 4, 2010

Clothes, clothes, clothes....

Ok so I know I said that I was gonna stop myself and not buy clothes to save money.....well I failed. I went out to buy some hair mousse and some body scrub because I've run out of both...so I went to walmart and the parking lot was deserted and when I checked the door it said closed for Easter Sunday which then made me feel rather stupid. I then went by a mall near my house and I saw that Urban Planet was open and they were having a BIG SALE which was buy one get the second item for a dollar!!!! So i went a little crazy but in the end it ended up costing me about $6.50 an item...can you say bargain?! So here are pictures of the things i got and they've made me so happy today...and I gave in and finally got Jeggings after refusing to do so for a very long time...oh well!

The white tshirt is of that wet looking fabric and I'd been looking for one for a long time and isn't the scarf just gorgeous? it's perfect for the spring time. Hope you enjoyed that!
Have a great day!!