Mar 2, 2010

Favourite New Mascara!

Hello Hello
Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their day so far! I have the day off from work so I thought I'd do my first makeup review kind of a here it goes

One of my new favourite makeup items is the CoverGirl lash blast volume and this is what it looks like (sorry the picture is kinda crappy) :

I got it in the color "very black" but it also came in "black" and "brown".

The brush is really great and it looks like this:

Yes its huge and sometimes it can be a little difficult to get to the inner lashes but its that's ok because its worth it.
I kinda have long and curled lashes but I like putting mascara on that emphasizes them, kinda makes them frame my eyes and also helps me look more awake lol.
I took pictures of my eye before and after and in the after picture i have two coats of mascara on. Oh and i don't put any mascara on my bottom lashes because they're already long and mascara makes them look like spider legs which is kinda scary.



(so very sorry for the general lack of makeup loook at those under eye circles and I most definitly need to do an eyebrow clean up sooorrryyyy)
See the difference? There is lenght and volume what more could a girl ask for?
I absolutely LOVE this mascara and will be most definitly repurchasing it. I bought this on sale for about $7 dollars at Pharmaplus (regular price is around $8 or $9)and that is the only place I've seen this particular lashblast mascara. I have seen the other lashblast mascaras at shoppersdrugmart for around the same price.

Have any of you used this mascara before? Is it different than the other lashblast mascaras? let me know what you think :)