Dec 7, 2009

LOOoongggg time no post!

Hello all or maybe noone
lol I don't know if anyone has actually ever read any of my posts so it feels kind of strange writing this as I feel as if I'm talking to myself but oh well.
So since the last time I did a post I have been reading other blogs and using their expertise... some of my favorite blogs that i read regularly and love are
Her reviews are honest and to the point and I love it :)
She writes the most detailed amazing reviews and so far she has convinced me to buy L'oreal Voluminus mascara and the Handy Gurugu hand cream from Thanks they're both amazing :)
I have recently started reading her blog but its so much fun to read :)
I love the positive energy that I get from reading her blogs, you're an amazing writer :)

So yes there they are... other than reading blogs I've been super busy with work and studying that i constantly feel exhausted .... boooo.
But i have been buying little things here and there to cheer myself up and one of the new purchases I've made is the Kate Moss perfume which was on sale for $20 dollars so I thought why not and I'm very glad I bought it. It is a very nice smell that is light but lasts all day which is perfect since strong perfumes give me headaches.
I have been searching for a lip balm that will save my lips from the chapping and the bleeding in the cold Canadian weather but I have yet to find anything. I did buy the oui oui oui lip butter from the Body Shop but I was dissappointed because it has been drying my lips even more and I've tried vasaline which has also done nothing for me....sooo HELP! please and thank you.
Have a great day!

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  1. Hi this is about the sleek and barry m outside the uk, email me what you what and where you live and i will estimate the price.


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