Sep 19, 2009


I love love love reading. A relaxing night for me includes a cup of tea, a cozy corner and a good book :).

Last week i finished reading Me Talk Pretty One Day.

This book was honestly one of the funniest books i've ever had the pleasure of reading. I would read it on the bus on the way to work and had to stop myself from laughing out loud although a few giggles did manage to escape which earned me some strange looks from other people on the bus. I had a smile on my face the entire time and caught other people sitting next to me trying to read and see what's so funny lol.

I would highly recommend this book.

I just started reading The Undomestic Goddess yesterday. I wasn't too sure about reading this since I read the Confessions of a Shopaholic and even though it did have witty moments I'm sorry to say that it only managed to annoy me lol. I would get so frustrated while reading the book and would have the urge to yell " OMG STOP SHOPPING ALREADY!". But I've gone through 80 pages of The Undomestic Goddess and i must say I really like it so far. Although I haven't finished reading it yet I have been told that if you like the other books by Sophie Kinsella you'll enjoy this one too.

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