Jul 24, 2014

Floral Crop Top Outfit

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The past few days were hot and humid so I had about zero desire to wear make up and pretty much gave up on my hair which turns into a fluff ball in seconds. Curly hair problems.

So top knots and mascara have been my friends. Not complaining actually it's been nice!

Also since my days are filled with studying and work I've been living in shorts and loose tops. I have however been trying to actually dress up i.e. not stay in my pjs, even if I'm just studying at home. I find that this keeps me more alert and focused. I guess my brain just registers that with "ready for the day".

This also makes the fashion blogger in me very happy ;)

Here is the outfit I wore yesterday. I love this top, I think it's one of the cutest I own and as a bonus it is also the softest one I own. It's a crop top so I wore it with these high rise Zara shorts.
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Outfit Details
Crop Top: Ardene|
Shorts: Zara| Last Seen Here
Sandals: Forever 21| Old| Last Seen Here
Bag: Coach| Last Seen Here

Let me know what you think in the comments!
Have a gorgeous day.

Jul 23, 2014

Still Alive and Blake Lively

Hello lovelies,
I am still alive! haha. I have just been super busy with studying and work so I haven't had time to blog in the last week.

But I will most likely take some outfit photos in the next couple of days so yay?

I have however been posting pretty much daily outfits on my instagram which is @xnaghmehx so follow me there for updates.

I was browsing online with my morning coffee and found this 73 Questions with Blake Lively done by Vogue on their Youtube channel. They did something similar a while back with SJP as well. I really love these, specially Blake's, I am definitely a fan!

Hope you love this video as well!
Have a gorgeous day.

Jul 12, 2014

Casual Summer Joggers Outfit

Today was a library day for me so my outfit had to be comfortable but I still wanted to wear something cute and put together!

If you follow me on instagram you would see by now that I'm slightly addicted to these sweatpants. 

But my excuse is that they're more casual luxe than pyjamas haha. Right?

They're also the perfect solution for super freezing temperatures in the library and very HOT temperatures outside since I just pull them up once I'm out. I love them both ways. 

How is your weekend going? any fun plans?

Outfit Details
Pants: Garage | Similar Here
Top: H&M| Old| Similar Here| Last Seen Here
Sandals: Forever 21| Last Seen Here
Bag: Flurries
Don't forget to let me know what you think in the comments!!

Jul 9, 2014

Tropical Print Peplum Top

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For the past couple of days it has been rainy and a bit cold for my liking so outfit photos have been a bit harder. As soon as the sun popped out for a bit I ran out to get these outfit shots. Hashtag fashion blogger problems much?  

I wore this outfit to go for dinner and a movie. Watched the latest Transformers movie and I loved it. If you don't like action movies I wouldn't recommend it though haha but I love them.

This top is my favourite at the moment. I just love the print and the fit of it. I bought it at the Zara sale so if you check in stores they might still have them. They also came in a green print I believe.
Outfit Details
Top: Zara Sale
Shorts: Forever 21 Jeans DIY| Similar Here
Shoes: DailyLook
Bag: Danier Leather| Old
Double Pearl Ring: Similar Here
What do you think of this outfit? Don't forget to let me know in the comments :)
Have a wonderful day!

Jul 2, 2014

The Perfect Summer Day Dress

Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend and a super fun time celebrating Canada's Birthday! I love this country and am so grateful to have been able to move here and call myself a Canadian.

I had a pretty chill weekend. Went shopping, to a pool party, watched some Fifa matches, worked and then finally caught How to Train Your Dragon 2 last night. Very cute movie :)

We ended the weekend with some frozen yogurt while sitting outside, enjoying the warm Summer night. I LOVE the Summer!

This is the simple outfit I wore last night and I have to say for now this is my favourite Summer dress. I picked it up on sale at Bluenotes for $10....um bargain much?

The fabric is great and it's breezy for those hot days and nights. Also there's just something sweet about strapless dresses, no?

I bought this at Fairview Mall so check them out, there might still be a sale going on. They had other colours and designs!

This gold hand jewelry I found at Aldo  and I know you've probably seen then on so many fashion bloggers now but I just had to get myself one. I immediately feel cooler when I put it on haha.
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Summer,dress,strapless, fashion
Outfit Details
Dress: Bluenotes| Similar Here and Here
Bag: Coach
Shoes: Forever 21| Last Seen Here| Similar Here
Hand Jewelry: Aldo 
Please follow me on Instagram (xnaghmehx) I've been super active on there :)
Have a beautiful Day!

Jun 29, 2014

Zara Graphic Crop Top and Shorts Outfit

This outfit is my new favourite and I got lots of compliments while wearing it too! (not necessary but always a bonus ;) )

 I went on a little shopping trip to Zara on Friday and found both the shorts and top in the sale so all my Toronto ladies I would highly recommend you check out the sale. There are lots of goodies for really good prices.

I went to the Zara in Fairview Mall where they still had quite  a few of both of these so if you like them go quick!

I really loved this top but it was too cropped for my liking and then I found these shorts that were the perfect high rise ones. It was fate so they both had to come home with me. I just love the waistline detailing on the shorts, so sweet and fun!

I also love wearing high rise shorts with crop tops because they give the illusion of being taller, which is something you can keep in mind if you're also petite :) 
Outfit Details
Crop Top: Zara sale| Similar Here
Shorts: Zara sale| Similar Here
Flats: Circus by Sam Edelman| Similar Here| Last Seen Here
Bag: Coach
Rings: Aldo 

Hope you are having a wonderful Summery weekend. You can see what I'm up to here :)

Jun 27, 2014

I Miss You!

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Hi my lovelies,
I'm sorry I've been a bit MIA here. I started a little part-time job and it took some time with the training and such. I promise that I'm already working on scheduling and organizing my time so posts will go back to being regular again!

The weather has been a bit (read: a whole lot crummy with the rain and such) but it's starting to look better again so hellooo to outfit posts! Also what do you Canadian babes have planned for this long weekend? I'm planning on enjoying the sunshine and relaxing.

I just wanted to check in and also leave you with this gem of a video. This is a little surprise a groom had planned for his wife at a Persian wedding. If you ever get invited to a Persian wedding I highly recommend that you go. We like food and dancing and lots of it!

Hope you enjoyed the video and I'll be back this weekend!
lots of love